A word from our Pastors

Grace and peace to you from the Father who has loved in Christ and brought us unto Himself. We live in the apostolic season in which the Church is being re-mantled and aligned to the eternal standard of Christ. God is revealing himself, bringing into view the mystery of Christ and his church.

The centre of the mind of God for us entails coming into maturity to become the image and likeness of God in the earth. In that dimension we function as kings and priest unto God, executing the finish by radiating the very glory as of the Father.

The very nature of our Father must be seen incarnated in his holy people the Church.The perfect love of God seen and tasted in and through our lives. May you be awakened to this reality and may our fellowship and communication be an exact representation of the voice of the Father to you! Be at home and feel free to connect with us on the various platforms as a seek to be a blessing to the nations.